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We are here to assist you. We are well insured and we are under the best underwriter.No joining fee. We cover the whole family + extended family members from only R34 per month and we pay up to R30 000. We cover from stillborn up to 94 years. A waiting period of 6 months is compulsory. No waiting period of accidental death. As Global  Burial Solutions our main aim is to bring freedom and comfort to people with our lowest affordable prices.

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Mukondi Ramadi


Ramadi Mukondeleli is an excellent entrepreneur who is also running some of the excelling business which are creating job opportunities and also contributes to the economy of the country. His goal is not to make a ton of money. Is to build a good friendship with the clients and sell the best services they can offer. 

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Thingavhafhi Nenguda


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